Day 2: I Dream Of You

I Dream Of You


I know you exist. 

I promise, I’m NOT crazy.

I have dreamed of you every night. 

Your beautiful spirit.

Your immaculate body.

You my dear are flawless.

Yet every morning when I awake

you are no where in sight,

and I am back to “reality.”


As the day drags on

self-doubt creeps in.

Is this the day we will finally meet?

Am I pretty enough?

Make-up on point?

Hair is just right?

Am I skinny enough?

Have I hidden all my scars?

Have I perfected this illusion

so I can finally meet the person of my dreams?

Day in and day out

I find myself saying 

“I am not enough.”


Only when I dream of you

do I feel complete. 

I feel as if I have found 

honest love.


One day I will awake

and have the courage

to look into that mirror

and see the woman of my dreams. 



One day I will see the reflection 

that stares back at me–

tousled hair,

smeared make-up from the night before,

frumpy pajamas,

and I will say, 

without a quiver in my voice,

“I love you.” 


And when that day comes

I will wholeheartedly believe

“I am enough.” 


“One thing we share is worshipping the image of a person we never knew.”  “George Washington” by  Adam Fitzgerald

3 thoughts on “Day 2: I Dream Of You

  1. “Have I hidden all my scars?” beautiful.

    ahh, and the notion of being the woman of your own dreams. golden.

    the feelings you have captured are I think so universal to women. and men?

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