Day 8: A Lil Giggle Goes a Long Way

I’ve been having one of those weeks, where my spirit just wants to laugh and be joyful.  I find myself allowing lil’ giggles to escape me as I walk down the hallway taking a break from the boredom of an office job.  Here’s to the celebration of laughter.

A Lil Giggle Goes a Long Way

It begins with a tiny smirk
while watching an internet quirk–
it could simply be a funny meme
or just one small, hilarious scheme.

Now slowly it makes its way into a titter
a one second laugh, nothing to consider.
But all of a sudden, the ball begins to roll
and you start to lose all self-control–
implementing one of those teary-eyed knee-slappers
which prompts glares and whispers of, “What’s the matter?”

Then BAM! Before you know it, a gigantic guffaw
against all office regulations and law.
Yet, despite the pending ramification
this giggle embarks the latest creation–
an enjoyable, pleasant, and delightful day
with all stress and worries sailing away.


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