Day 9: Auntie Rose

I remember learning about Peter Kema Jr. when I was younger.  His story is one of the many tragic injustices committed in Hawaiʻi.  My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered from undeserved violence.



I hope
he’s with you,
and his suffering has faded.

I hope:
his kolohe grin still catches your eye;
his laughter puts your mind to ease;
and his spirit fills your soul with joy.

I hope you were there:
for every kākiʻo he attained
from learning how to ride a bike;
for every spelling test
he chose to study the morning of
cuz he’s last minute;
for every sleep-over
that evoked anxiety and panic,
which every good mother should feel
when their baby is not at home.

I hope
he is a blessing to you
just as much as you are to him.

I hope:
that you no longer encounter the pain
that was once settled in his eyes;
that you no longer see him
with pity or sorrow;
that he is no longer robbed of his innocence
and has transformed from a “hurt child”
to a beautiful young man.

Autie Rose, 
I hope you saved this boy
because every child deserves 
a life of unconditional love. 



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