Day 10: The Promise of Our Lost Queen

Today’s prompt challenged us to choose five song titles from one of our playlists and create a poem.  My five songs are:

“Stand & Rise”–The Green
“Weight of Sound” –Stick Figure
“It’s Not Too Late” — SOJA
“The Promise” — Reel Big Fish
“Lost Queen” –Pharrell Williams


Ever seen the video
of Bruddah Iz and his audience
singing Hawai`i Aloha?
They “Stand & Rise,”
hand in hand.
And in their voices
you can hear their mana,
their emotions,
and their aloha for one another.

The “Weight of [that] Sound”
never leaves me.
It inspires, awakens, and enlightens my heart
reassuring me that “It’s Not Too Late.”

For I am “The Promise” of our “Lost Queen.”
I may not be rooted with every known detail
about the Kanaka Maoli or our history,
but the fact remains–
the Queen’s love for her people
will live through me,
one of the many keiki o ka ʻaina.


Hawai`i Aloha


*I need to give a mahalo nui loa to Keli`i thanks buddy for helping with all my Hawaiian!


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