Day 11: Together They Play

This week is the beginning of a whole new school year for my kiddies.  They have already had their entrance ceremonies where the little 1st graders are welcomed by the school in their tiny suits (The most adorable thing ever!).  And the 6th and 5th graders have done a wonderful job of helping the little ones get used to Shōgakkō life–avoiding panic and chaos.

 So while at recess today, I observed how they interacted with one another.  It was so heartwarming to see kids of all ages and abilities just enjoy each other’s company. No one was left out; no one was shunned; no one was pushed aside.  In fact, the 6th graders, top dogs of the school, greeted the 1st graders with open arms and organized games for them to play (without any coaxing from teachers).  This is something that I have not seen in America, especially between siblings.  I speak from personal experience.  My older sister wanted nothing to do with me in school (Not even in college!).  I couldn’t even say hello in the lunch line, and heaven forbid I dare to wear the same color as her. But here, the older siblings look after their younger brothers and sisters.  The affection they have for one another is so refreshing.  I can only hope the same for my future keiki!

Thus today’s poem is inspired by these kiddies.



Together they play.
Their differences–meaningless.
An instant friendship. 




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