Day 14: Feminine Force


Earth has to be a woman.
Her elegance reigns the land.
Beautiful is an understatement.
Just look at the mountains–
any mountain,
each slope is placed with absolute precision.
Even the specific trees are carefully chosen to emphasize
the succulent boldness of the mountain’s legs.
The color fades as you look closer
into each of the crevices,
usually hidden from the naked sun.  

Earth has to be a woman.
Just look at the valley–
it’s deep lush innocents,
untouched by the wicked hands of man,
drips with ecstasy.
It’s fertile womb
generating colors we only see
in our most intimate dreams.  

Earth has to be a woman.
Just look at her flirtatious dance
with the radiance of the sun.
As the rays slightly caress her leaves,
they highlight and accentuate
the soft curves of her physique. 

Earth has to be a woman
because only a strong, feminine force
can endure the brutality
of repetitive violation and assault,
and remain standing fierce and stunning
every morning you awake.  


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