Day 15: Time Fo Eat!

This post is dedicated to all my beautiful friends, and our discussion about one of life’s most pertinent questions–“What do you want to eat?” If your one of my friends, you have to LOVE and APPRECIATE good food!



Is it time to eat?
Wea you wanna go?
Are you feeling Asian?
Japanese, Korean, Chinese . . . Oh! Vietnamese?
How bout some pho?
Or are you feeling fatty?
Maybe Honolulu Burger Company?
Oooh, how bout some garlic fries?
Nah, how bout some drinks?
Feeling classy?
Or just some beers tonight?
Oh I know! How bout visiting our Maori werewolf?
Is it Tuesday?
Do you feel a bit stalkerish too?
How bout some healthy yumminess?
Peace Cafe?
No! What you think bout Waikīkī?
Thinking . . . Cheesecake Factory?
Or you wanna stay Aiea side?
Kurukuru, Moe’s, or I know CPK?
Nah no matter wea we go eat
as long as I get to see your pretty face!

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