Day 16: Enemy


Can’t we all just get along?
I know we’ve heard that
probably in a song.

But just look at all these crimes
backhanded deals, death, abuse–
all done in the name of dimes.

Come one guys, let’s get real.
The people you’re blaming
aren’t responsible for how you feel.

Fear has taken control . . . BOO!
Haha look at that,
did it just scare you?

Now you know I’m not some naive lil pup.
you really think
I’m not gonna stand up?

You can’t just bully your way around
and expect the rest of the world
to keep their heads in the ground.

Why do you feel the need to rule?
That so called “power” you have
just makes you look like April’s fool.

Please, I’m asking nicely
stop what your doing
then you just might see–

your true enemy lies
right in front of your very eyes.
And once you realize, “It’s me,”
it’s amazing how different your life can be.

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