Day 17: Already Here

Today’s poem was inspired by Pam Grout’s E-Squared.  As I was reading I chose words that stood out to me and used them to create my poem.  



“There are no accidents.”
Everything has been predetermined.
As my dad describes it:
For every decision you make
there’s already a DVD written.

Say you had an important career choice,
and you had four options to choose from;
each of your options has a DVD–
a path already composed and played out.

“The answer is already here.”
So stop “denying the truth.”
Stop “intending love.”
Stop believing the “false prayer.”

“There are no accidents.”
You want something?
Believe you already have it.
You’re already successful.
You have already found true love.
You already have the job of your dreams.

“Nothing but victory”
awaits you.

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