Day 19: #Bestie


I love you!

Couldn’t ask for a more perfect fit.

When they say soulmate,

you meet every criteria:

spiritually minded–check

appreciation of ono food–check

love of travel–check

redonkulously hilarious–CHECK


You came at the exact moment I needed you.

We grew together.

on separate parallel paths.

We grew closer

even though miles apart.

There is no doubt in my mind

that we will always have each other. 


I couldn’t ask for a better friend

#bestie as they like to call it. 


Although I struggle 

following my path,

one faith remains

I know without a doubt

you’ll always be there. 


To my dearest friends! You know how much you impact my life, and as cliche as it may sound it’s the truth–I would have not gotten to where I am now or have grown into who I have become without your friendship and guidance.  Can’t wait for our future adventures and da ono grinds accompany them 😀 CHEE HEE! #naaufriends #bff #youknowwhoyouare #loveyouchokekineplenny 

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