Day 22: Procrastination’s Bitch



I need some inspiration
to be the author of some true creation. 

Procrastination has made me her bitch,
I won’t even lift a finger to scratch my itch. 

I keep saying ok tonight, tomorrow, no Friday . . .
Man I should just invent my own day– call it LIE-day

Hour by hour comes to pass
and here I am still on my ass! 

OMG the frustration is real!
I can’t even get up to cook my own meal.

So here I will starve in the land of delicious food.
Japan, come on, help me get in the mood. 

I don’t want to be here wasting my time away
I just need to leave the house and be on my way. 

Exploring new finds and getting lost in translation
Hello! New home, new life, new nation! 

So here’s to today–no more excuses.
That’s it.  It’s done, I’m out– deuces

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