Day 23: I Like to Hide


I like to hide.
Whether in the yard or inside.
No one can ever find me fast.
I burry myself and have a blast.
But my parents ehh– not so much.
sometimes they do some yelling and such. 

But my sister, oh gosh she’s the best
she often gives up and goes to rest;
yet, she doesn’t know what I find
like her diary that is still locked in my mind.
One page said she was so pissed off at Dad,
she even used some swear words –GURL be mad!
But the best one was she got a necklace from her lover
haha she’s allergic to fake gold and got a rash like no other!

I hope if she reads this she’ll understand
that this is some funny stuff and she shouldn’t reprimand.
It was all in the jolly of NaPoWriMo
where no one is forced to wear a citrine halo.

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