Day 24: Remember

So I tried to follow the prompt of NaPoWriMo of the homophonic translation.  And from creating words based on sound and looks this is what was created. I used the parts I “translated” and rearranged then added a few words of my own to make some sense of it all. The poem I used was “Bordet” by Sweden’s Lennart Sjögren.  Here’s the original poem:



I drank the rum,
and it told me,
“Avail the stars.
let them guide you.
You’ll find yourself amongst
the ferns of the forest.
Don’t be afraid of the danger
that lies near
awaiting to rob you
of your innocence.

Just sit.
Take in the life of the land.
Let it settle in your lungs.
Let it feed through your heart–
and feel the forest in you.
Feel the connection
of the spirits surrounding you.
Remember this feelings of elation–
this feeling of overwhelming
tranquility and love.
Remember this courage.
Take this with you up the path.
You will soon begin to hear a song.
Something majestic, tempting,
with a dash of fright.
Follow it.
Remember your courage.
This path shall surely direct you to your destiny.

But beware of the monsters that fester;
for they live in plain view.
They mask themselves with looks of allure,
charisma, and poise.
You need to look deep–
see their ora, their souls.
See them with honest eyes,
and I assure you
you’ll find that they are starved for love,
and they will try to do everything in their power
to deceive and hurt you.
Leaving you battered and scarred
on the verge of becoming a monster yourself.
But remember the forest. 
Remember the elation and tranquility.
Remember the courage.
And remember the love.
Nothing can control you.
You decide what you become.
“’Nothing real can be threatened
nothing unreal exist.’”




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