Day 25: It’s All Drag

As soon as I woke up this morning, physical beauty was the theme of the day. It started out with my bfffff sending me (it’s a good read/eye opening) she then tied it together with her favorite fabulous person RuPaul (who by all means is an AMAZING human being). Then when I returned to Pam Grout’s E-Squared and began reading where I left off, it only reinforced the same theme.  So today’s poem is dedicated to the universe screaming at me and my buddy who always is feeding my soul and mind <3.



We are chastised for our looks:
She’s hott!– must be a bitch/slut,
either will do,
Poor thing has no sense of fashion,
Plain Jane–she gotta be boring,
Oh she probably has a very nice personality–
God didn’t bless her with looks.

So here I am
adding layers of beauty products
in hopes of approval
yet nothing is ever sufficient–
eye-liner is never even,
hormonal induce acne has my face
looking likes it’s going to erupt,
skins too dry but lotion makes it too oily,
baby hairs are never tamable,
teeth aren’t white enough,
and that’s just my face!

Let me tuck this fat in here,
tape down this part there,
spanx to cover up this belly,
this color to give this illusion,
these earrings for this distraction–
it’s endless.
and for what?
“[I] can’t be a swan to everyone,
and why would [I] want to be?”

Beauty lies upon the surface of our souls.
As Ru Paul puts it:
“You’re born naked,
the rest is drag!”


2 thoughts on “Day 25: It’s All Drag

  1. i love and admire your honesty. it’s so true! gender and “hotness” is all illusion but what you can never fool anyone over is the quality of your spirit. That comes thru crystal clear without any brushing or cinching or primping lol. ❤ and thanks for shout out lol yay i love poetry month. i think i'm going to make it a poetry year.

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