Day 27: I Bless You


with all of my being.
Before I go to sleep at night,
I envision you
put you in the center front of my mind,
and with all the love in me
and with all my might
I bless you.

I bless that you have a peaceful sleep
without any itchy irritation.

I bless that your day will be productive–
five loads of laundry
will be washed, dried, and put away.
“It’s done son!”

I bless that your students
will bring you presents
and make your heart happy.

I bless your day will be stress free–
no more kim chee rage in sight!

I bless you will wake to a clean house–
not one single dirty dish to be wash.

I bless that you will have a pain free day–
playing on your tractor for hours
without the slightest bit of fatigue.

I bless you will be given
sugar free yumminess.

I bless that you will have
an awesome day at school,
and you’ll have fun stories to tell me
when I get home.

I bless you
with all of my being–
you deserve it all.

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