Tell Me A Story


Tell me a story.

Not just any story.

Not one where the prince saves the princess,

or they fall in love at first sight.

But tell me a real story.

How awkward it was in the beginning.

How she was a bit crazy 

or how he wasn’t the tall, dark, and perfect one.

Tell me a story of actual love.

How it grew.

How it’s still growing.


Tell me a story.

Not about how the animals would help with chores,

or how magic would save the day.

Tell me a true story–

of struggle, defeat, and embarrassment.

Tell me of the injustices that you saw on the daily;

of the fear that people ran from;

of cowardly men who caused destruction.

Tell me a story of your survival 

and how you flourished after it. 


Tell me an honest story

that evokes visceral reactions

from my body;

a story that resonates with my na`au;

a story that the history books left out. 


Tell me your story–

for your story gives me hope

and awakens my own.

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