I left the safety of my home–
my island of serenity and comfort.
I left and then discovered
more than ever expected.

As a spectator,
watching the veil
fall upon the land
now cloaked in a stifling mess,
I saw ignorance
become our national handicap.

It slowly began to blind us
from seeing the alternative,
limiting us to a binary world–
restricting our sight,
filtering it through either
black or white lenses.

It started to affect our ears
keeping us deaf
to the cries for help–
leaving us confined
to our soundproof bubbles
as our fellow sisters and brothers

It made us numb–
unable to feel or experience
any sort of unconditional love,
coaxing us to believe
that we must arm ourselves,
for the world is our enemy.

It left us with a bitter taste–
foul flavors to fester
on our tongues,
spoiling the purity
of our words.

It finally surrounded us in a lingering stench
that evoked memories
of our fears and pain–
forcing us to remain in our pasts,
waste our present,
and corrupt our future.

Distance focused my vision.
I had been living my life through filters as well:
the most popular colored glasses
allowing me to fit in with the cool kids,
noise canceling earphones
selecting only what I wanted to hear,
thick fuzzy gloves
making me feel comfortable
despite the coarse textures of reality.
All of these hindering
the authenticity of my senses–
distorting the facts of what I thought existed.

4,541 miles of perspective,
I am awake.
I am alive.
I can see.

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