Not Just for Children: Top 10 Fairytales Written for Adults

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Fairytales might seem to belong to childhood—the magical talking animals, the wishes and the transformations and yes, even the fairies. But if you look closely (and past the Disney interpretations) you’ll discover that fairytales are fairly dark and more than a little bit terrifying. Not only for children after all. Here is a list of ten fairytale retellings written for adults (and teens):

content.chilifreshThe Snow Child by Eowyn Ivie: This retelling of the Russian fairy tale “The Snow Maiden” is also a historical novel. It is the story of Jack and Mabel, who’ve left their fairly safe but exceedingly sad life in 1920’s Pennsylvania for the Alaskan frontier. Sad because, except for one stillborn, they never were able to have children, and all of the family reminders around them (the nieces and nephews, the new babies, the excited couples marrying) were just too much. Of course, life in Alaska is…

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