4. Continue In Strength

In college,
there was dis haole chick.
I don’t remember her face,
her hair color,
not even her name–
but I vividly
remember her words.

She was one of those
you know self-proclaimed
prestigious, intelligent,
nose in the air
high maka maka mainland girls.

While we were in English class,
in a circle,
having a discussion bout some book,
she sat there to my right,
and without hesitation said,
“Yeah, like the Hawaiians were definitely
oppressed before,
but I don’t think
they are oppressed anymore.”

“prolonged cruel or unjust treatment
or control”

“the state of being subject to unjust treatment
or control”

what Hawaiians have been suffering through
but still find the spirit to fight against
despite the odds;
despite the ignorance of others;
despite the constant uphill battle.

through the many faces of adversities
continue to show their aloha,
their mana,
their persistence,
and their belief in their culture.

Kānaka Maoli
continue in strength.

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