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So this morning on Instagram I saw this photo posted by Natgeo. Under was a description of the history of the photo (I shall paraphrase). In 2009, Tiwonge and Steven were the first gay couple to marry in Malawi. In December of that same year they were also arrested and sentenced to fourteen years in prison because they married.

This photo is a beautiful portrait that captures the somberness of the constant struggle to live an equal life.


Then I saw the comment below. I’m sure it was just one of many but it was the first one I saw.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.42.34 PM


And I mean within this comment alone there were so many blatant hypocrisies, it’s impossible to take gianhockey85’s argument seriously.   There are also a ton of other lessons/quotes from “the damn bible” that mention: hate the sin love the sinner, treat thy neighbor as thyself, acceptance etc. But to answer the question, “. . . if [you’re] born a boy [you’re] a boy why the hell would you dress like a girl?” It’s the same thing as asking, “Why are you wearing that shirt?” “Why are you dressing up to go out?” You wear what you think makes you look good and FEEL good. You wear what is comfortable on your skin. You wear clothes that reflect what you want to express.


First, you want to deny people the right to love whomever they choose. Then you want to deny the right to a free life. And now you want to police how they dress? To deny another equality—to forbid them from even gaining the opportunity/possibility to experience happiness in same way as you is to dictate their quality of life. Condemning them to a lonely existence all because you don’t approve how they see themselves. All of that just shows me how your insecurities make you a person consumed by fear.




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