NaPoWriMo Day 22: Poop


Today’s prompt said to write a poem for children. As a child, I wish we talked more about poop. Not because I’m a juvenile boy (only at heart) but because there’s so much embarrassment around such an important function of our bodies. In India, the first thing the doctor asks you is about your poop. Because it tells a lot about your overall health; how well you digest food, assimilate nutrients and rid your body of waste.

The number one selling over the counter drug in Amurrica is laxatives. We’re all full of shit over here. Puritan shame, shit shame, shame on that shit! We’re all human. As my dad once told me, Don’t be arrogant, who you think you, you shit ice cream?!? No. Just rainbows and malteses mostly. If you’re easily grossed out and aren’t at peace with your poop, don’t read this (#disclaimer).

Poop, poop, poop,
stop acting…

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